Rezo DC Motor Ceiling Fan- (38") 3 ABS Blade 12 speed with Remote control - Matte White


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Experience the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency with the Rezo DC Motor Ceiling Fan. This stylish and functional fan features a powerful DC motor that provides quiet operation and up to 50% energy savings compared to traditional AC motors.

With its 12 speed settings and 3 ABS blades, the Rezo DC Motor Ceiling Fan can circulate air evenly and efficiently throughout your room. It also comes with a remote control for added convenience.


  • Powerful DC motor for quiet operation and energy efficiency
  • 12 speed settings for precise airflow control
  • 3 durable ABS blades for even and efficient air circulation
  • Remote control for added convenience
  • Matte white finish to complement any décor


  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Enjoy a quiet and comfortable home environment
  • Improve air circulation and reduce humidity
  • Add a touch of style to your décor
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