Rectangle LED Mirror c/w Anti-Fog & Touch Sensor

SKU: TR-BBC-MR-18316

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Elevate your bathroom décor and enhance your grooming routine with the Rectangle LED Mirror c/w Anti-Fog & Touch Sensor. This sleek and modern mirror seamlessly integrates into any bathroom style, offering a touch of sophistication and functionality.

Warranty: Manufacturer Defect-(Black Spot)-3 months warranty.  Manufacturer Defect - (LED & Rusty)-1 year warranty.

Dimension: L600 x H1450mm


  • Enhanced visibility: Enjoy clear and fog-free reflections for flawless grooming and makeup application.
  • Convenient operation: Control the mirror's lighting with a simple touch, making it easy to adjust to your preferences.
  • Long-lasting performance: Enjoy years of bright illumination and reliable anti-fog functionality.
  • Modern aesthetic: Elevate your bathroom style with a sleek and sophisticated rectangle design.
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