EVOE-M/B ( All Black)


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Double Relay ELCB

Safety Thermal Cut-Off

Splash Proof

Nylon Fibre Internal Construction


Model: EVO-E

Colours Available: All Black

Pump Type: No Pump

Heater Power Rating: 3.6kW 240V ~ 50 Hz

Water Connection: 15mm (1/2” BSP), Single Point System

Operating Condition: Open Outlet

Protection Against Electric Shock: Class 1

Water Temperature Control: Electronics

Degree of Protection: IP25

Minimum Flow Rate: 3 Liters / Minute

Minimum Pressure: 20kPa (0.2 bar / 2.9 psi)

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 0.38 MPa (3.8 bar / 55 psi)

Heater Dimension: 230mm (W) x 360mm (L) x 87.8mm (H)

Nett Weight: 1.8 kg

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