Electric Ceiling Clothes Hanger with Sensor

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Experience the future of laundry with our automatic ceiling aluminium clothes hanger with sensor. Effortlessly dry and organize your clothes with advanced sensor technology that detects humidity and adjusts drying time. Say goodbye to manual effort and hello to convenience. Shop now at Big Bath!

Some of the amazing features:

  • Energy and cost savings
  • All types of fabric
  • Wrinkle-free clothes
  • 2 – 3 Hours Drying Time
  • Saves space
  • Smart sensor
  • Silent operation
  • Up to 35kg loads
  • Versatile & flexible
  • Remote controlled
  • Auto timer

Its dual heat outlet simulates natural sunlight drying heat up to 40°c. Durable and strong, it has extendable rods that can hold heavy and big laundry with a maximum of 35kg weight (biggest load capacity for residential dryers). In comparison to conventional ones, SuperDryer saves electricity by 75-80%, maximising efficiency.It is great for confined spaces like condominiums or apartments as installation is done on unused ceiling space. With a wireless remote controller, convenience is at your fingertips. Adding further to its flexibility, LED lighting on the dryer illuminates drying tasks in the dark, so you can dry your laundry at night or at dawn.

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