Selamat MCO? Here are Some Bathroom Hygiene Tips to Stay Healthy while You Ber-Raya at Home!

Selamat MCO? Here are Some Bathroom Hygiene Tips to Stay Healthy while You Ber-Raya at Home!

Ramadan! Fasting! Quarantining! Horrible Toilet Facts! What to do?! *Exhales* We got you! Relax.


 1. Keep Sanitary Pads and products stocked in the bathroom.


Share a bathroom? Embarrassed about menstruation? Hide them in plain view (like in a tissue paper wrapper) or behind a potted plant. Inside a tissue roll works, too. Or, just bring one along with you in a bag or purse. If anyone discovers it and asks you about it, just tell them you’re menstruating and move on. Show them you’ve got NOTHING to be ashamed of. Because people menstruate. So what? Move on.


If all else fails, change your menstruation pads in a bathroom where your space and privacy WILL BE respected. Quarantining with nosey people is painful and difficult, we understand. Good luck out there. And be safe.


P.S.: If the “discoverer” wants to keep being a jerk or tattletale about it, they do not deserve your blessings!


 2. Read up on Toilet Facts


Too lazy to read? A brief, colourful and simplified infographics will do. Charts, diagrams, and illustrations can explain all the amazing/disgusting/horrifying/weird toilet facts that we SHOULD know but were never taught. We can start catching up anytime and brush up on our toilet habits, appreciate the toilets we’ve got, our toilet supplies, and all the people who keep them clean and equipped!


3. Get a lock on your bathroom door. Seriously.


Yes. Many homes don’t have locks in guest or private bathrooms, forcing home-dwellers to go about their private business somewhere else (or only during certain times of the day). Imagine the horror and embarrassment of having someone opening the door and catching you red-handed! If it hasn’t been checked off your to-do list yet, GET IT CHECKED OFF A.S.A.P.! It’s an important step in making sure your home feels more like a home.


 4. Put antibacterial wipe on high-contact surfaces


These include taps, faucets, sinks, towel bars, door handles, and toilet flushers (handles or buttons). It is a good idea to give your bathroom a good cleaning (or a good once-over) to make it safe and more welcoming for the family. The convenience store should sell good antibacterial washes and bleaches for bathroom use. Just make sure you keep the doors and/or windows open when you use a toxin like bleach to maintain good air circulation (and allow you to breath!)


5. Stock up on soap and tissue roll


Instead of storing it all in the cabinet or the store room, put some rolls and bottles within easy reach by the sink or on a shelf near the toilet. As tidy as you want your house to be, there should be a (convenient) space for common-use supplies like soap and toilet paper. You wouldn’t want to be doing your business in a bathroom without soap or toilet paper, would you? Yikes! Just be thankful you ARE at home and there IS something you can do about it.

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