MOOV Smart Toilet : The Future Is Here!

MOOV Smart Toilet : The Future Is Here!

You may wonder now, how does it feel like to be sitting on one great invention to settle your daily loo & wee? MOOV has it's very own smart toilet which is attractive by looks, multi-function in one toilet bowl. This is not just about settling your daily 'businesses', it's also about a healthier environment. Healthier environment? How? Let's check it out!


  1. Electrical Flip / Four Protections 

The Smart Toilet comes with Foam Shield technology that can provide four effective layers of protection. Also, with the help of an electrical flip cover, you can completely hands-off while flipping over the cover. How convenient could this be?


  1. Foam Shield 

This might be an outstanding feature among all toilet bowls. A foam shield prevents water to splash out during flushing. Not only that, but it also prevents odor, dirt, and most importantly, these foam helps kill bacteria that are present after usage and also bacterias present around the toilet bowl. In this way, the toilet bowl is cleaner to use. Many may not look into the severeness of bacteria attacks, minor bacteria attacks may catch you with a skin allergy but a severe bacteria attack might cause more than that and may harm your health. The presence of these foam can now help users to solve all the above issues.


  1. Mobile App 

As we all behave, we tend to take our smartphones everywhere we go for convenience. Upon this consideration, this smart toilet also comes attached to a mobile app. Wow! What do we do with that? With just a few clicks, users can access the smart toilet through smartphones, working as a remote control. The app is present in both iOS and also Android, this means every user are now able to download it and link it to their toilet bowls. That means users can flush their toilets with just a simple click, or maybe flip down the cover too. Now, that's why it's called a Smart Toilet! 


  1. Water Purification 

The highly recommended Water Purification smart toilet, supported by UVC sterilization technology, can sterilize the cleansing water. According to the test report that has been made, it proves that this Smart Toilet is able to take out 99.99% of bacteria, providing you with a cleaner toilet session and also a healthier lifestyle. 

 automatic water closet

As it's main functions are as above, this Smart Toilet also come in many other functions such as : 

 i) One-Touch Knob 

A one-touch knob allows you to make flushes easier with just one gentle touch. Also, the one-touch knob is designed in a better look and also placed in a more convenient position to make flushes when you are sitting. 

 ii) Photosensitive Night Light

With the presence of photosensitive night light, users can go to the toilet without needing to on their lights as they are lights displaying out from the toilet bowl in the dark. This will cut away disturbance if you are sleeping in the same room with a partner that has light sleeps or sensitive towards the light.


iii) Smart Drying 

A smart dryer installed will cut down the usage of tissues to save costs and also create a healthier environment (eco-friendly). On a humor side note, allowing you to enjoy a warm breeze towards your bump after washing, that sound's amazing right?

 iv) Menstruation Care 

This smart toilet also comes in a very unique function where it's able to take charge of the cleanliness of a woman during her menstruation. This function will cut down a lot of trouble for women. 

 v) Child Cleansing 

Of course, this doesn't you can shower your baby in the toilet bowl. It means users can now clean their children's daily wee and loo without having to lay a mat, clean it with wet tissues or dry tissues as tissues are rougher in surface and might hurt the skin of the children. Now, parents can easily clean their children with the help of the smart toilet.

automatic water closet toilet bowl features

In conclusion, a smart toilet is not the only luxury by looks but it also comes with many functions and benefits that will help users ease their daily loo & wee. One price to get multiple access and functions. Say goodbye to general toilet bowls. Smart Toilet bowls are nowhere to do more at a more affordable cost. Wonder where to purchase? Feel free to log on to to know more. 

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