Last Minute Valentine’s Day Idea? No Problem!

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Idea? No Problem!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and your girlfriend/boyfriend insists that they do not want anything. According to them, you already are their Valentine’s gift. LIES. Here is how you can show appreciation to your significant other without going over the top, but still showing them how much you love them with small gestures like these…


  • Write them a heartfelt letter
  • Words may not always come easily, but having your thoughts and feelings written down in a letter for your significant other gets to convey what you have been thinking all this while. Make it extra personal by making it a handwritten card. Let’s just hope they are able to read your handwriting though!


  • Cook for them 
  • Nothing shows appreciation more than effort like these! Cooking takes practice, that is why you should learn how to cook the dish prior to serving it to them on the day itself. It does not necessarily have to be anything fancy, but just the effort alone will bound to make your significant other happy on Valentine’s Day. 


  • Prepare a home spa for them
  • The ultimate loving treatment one can do for their significant other is to give them a spa treatment in the comfort of their own home. All you need are some scented candles, a bath bomb, and a bathtub. Set up some scented candles all around your bathtub, while you fill the bathtub up with warm water. Then, insert the bath bomb into the water. Your significant other will be so relaxed, that they will just forget about all their stresses for the moment, What bliss!


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