3 Small Bathroom Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

3 Small Bathroom Accessories You Never Knew You Needed
  • S Hook


If you had this at home, you would realise how much you took this for granted when you go to a bathroom without one. I mean, where else will you let your shower sponge drip dry?  


  • Robe Hook
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    While it is assumed that most bathrooms are already equipped with a hanger of some kind for you to hang your towel, so what is so great about robe hooks? Generally, when you are hooking your towel or clothes, they are less likely to slide off onto the wet floors in the bathroom. 


  • Soap Dish
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    Now if you use bar soap, you would know how annoying it is when your soap gets all slimy. They get used up way quicker and just fall apart in your hands. Hence, why a soap dish is probably the most underrated bathroom accessory. The soap dish allows excess water to drip, thus allowing your bar soap to dry. This way, your bar soap lasts longer too! 

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