COVID-19 is NOT Over Yet! Things to be Aware of When Using a Public Bathroom in this Pandemic

COVID-19 is NOT Over Yet! Things to be Aware of When Using a Public Bathroom in this Pandemic

Hygiene at home and hygiene outside are equally important right now. If you find yourself in need of a water closet anytime you're out and about, remember these tips to stay safe — biologically AND physically.


Use A Clean One


An unclean, unkempt and unstocked public bathroom is a NO-NO! If you feel uncomfortable upon entering a bathroom, leave immediately (unless you REALLY have to go). It’s not worth the risk. If you choose to go, check to see if the loo area, the toilet handle, tissue and soap dispenser and sink handle (faucet) are all clean. If not, use a clean tissue as a barrier between your hand and the surface when handling them. Then tell someone about the bathroom’s disappointing state.



Bring Your Own Cleansers


Whether it’s soap, wet wipes or hand sanitiser, it pays to come prepared in case the bathroom does not have your rightful liquids equipped. Be sure to tell someone (try the janitor) if that happens. People ought to practice what they preach at ALL times, not just during a pandemic.



Keep Your Mask On


Being in a private cubicle all by yourself doesn’t mean you can just remove your mask as you feel like it! There are nasty things in the air even in enclosed spaces and it’s not 100% safe anywhere outside, so keep it on AT ALL TIMES. If you must change masks, dispose of the old one properly by rolling it up, putting it in a plastic bag and throwing it into an enclosed rubbish bin. Anyone who says “there’s no one here, there is no risk” should be thrown out far, far away from your life onto an island away from civilisation.


Be Safe (from the virus and STRANGERS!)


Other than the virus, people pose the biggest threat to other people, too. There are sexual harassers, transphobes and even (YIKES!) rapists who may assault you or give you trouble in a public bathroom. If you feel that you are being watched, stalked or are being (dangerously) judged for using the “wrong” bathroom, leave immediately. You are not a coward. It’s better to be scared than to put yourself in danger. These people may also be carrying the disease and virus. Please be safe in this unprecedented times! 

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