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Classic & Standard Kitchen  FR-NH1065-SATIN / FR-KS-NH-03340-ST
Double Bowl With Single Drainer SUS304 Stainless Steel Sink Size: L1200 x W480 x D200mm ..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink TR-KS-DB-09974-ST
SUS304 Stainless Steel Sink c/w WA110 Basket Waste Overall  Size: L910 x W500 x D250mm I..
Designer Kitchen Sink SB4736 / TR-KS-SB- 00153-ST
Single Bowl SUS304 Stainless Steel Sink Overall Size: L470 x W360 x D175mm Inner ..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink SB589 / TR-KS-SB-07860-ST
Tora SUS304 Stainless Steel Sink   L589 x W456 x D229mm   Thickness: 1...
Designer Kitchen Sink  TR-KA-KA-09699-PL
SUS 304 Stainless Polis Finishing Bottom Grid L400 x W420mm   ..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink SB125 / TR-KS-SB- 07176-ST
  Sus 304 S/Steel One Piece Single Bowl Sink Size : L475 X W420 X D210mm..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink TR-KS-DB- 10025-ST
SUS304 Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink c/w WA110 Basket Waste Overall Size: L950..
Kitchen Sink I-Sink Series TR-KS-DB- 03929-ST (OLD CODE: DB9946)
SUS 304 Counter Top/Under Mount Type Square R10 DOUBLE BOWL SINK THICKNESS: 1.2mm OVE..
Faurex Kitchen Sink FRDB0925- P / FR-KS-DB- 08577-PL
  Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink  110mm Stainless Steel Waste ~Polish Fin..
Designer Wooden Chopping Board TR-KS-SPP-09702
Wooden Chopping Board Size : L230 x W480  x H19mm    ..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink RH425- SATIN / TR-KS-SB- 00130-ST
SUS 304 S/STEEL Single Bowl Sink Ø430mm x D175mm (Ø 360mm) Thickness: 1.0mm ..
Faurex Kitchen Sink FR-KS-DB- 10024-PL
  Stainless Steel Sink with WA11 Waste and Protective Film Size: L810 x ..
Kitchen Sink I-Sink Series TR-KS-SB- 04465-ST
SUS304 S/Steel Counter Top Type One Piece Single Bowl Sink C/W Colander Size:L760 x W..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink SB8050 / TR-KS-SB- 08576-ST
SUS304 Stainless Steel Basket Waste Size: L800 x W500 x D230mm ..
Classic & Standard Kitchen Sink TR-KS-DB-07173-PL
One Piece Double Bowl  SUS 304 Stainless Steel Sink  Basket Waste L830 x W480 x..
Designer Kitchen Sink  TR-KS-SB-09689-ST
SUS304 Stainless Steel Satin  Hairline Finishing Hand Mad Sink c/w 114mm SUS..