Smart Toilet


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Experience next-gen luxury with our Smart Toilet: featuring power flushes during outages, seat heating, adjustable settings, and IPX4 waterproofing. Safety meets comfort, complete with night lights and silent flushing. Elevate your bathroom to the future.

Type                : Tankless Smart Toilet

Material           : Ceramic

Finishing         : White

Warranty         : (Fittings) - 1 year warranty. 

Measurement : L680 x W400 x H540mm

Installation      : S-Trap (300mm , 12")

Flushing          : Siphonic , Automatic Flushing

  • Flushing Button options
  • Power outage flush
  • Seat lubrication
  • Seat heating
  • Automatic deodorization
  • Seat sensor
  • Water pressure adjustment
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Night light
  • Silent flushing
  • Intelligent power saving
  • Leakage protection
  • Safety protection
  • IPX4 waterproof

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