Massage Bath Tub



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Massage Bath Tub

: TR-BHT-MBT-08586-WW

: 1500 x 1500 x 580mm

: Acrylic

Looking for a Massage Bathtub in Malaysia? Big Bath provides a variety of good quality bathtubs for your bathroom! We sell modern bathtub/jacuzzi/sauna/massage tub with different sizes.  

Massage Bath Tub c/w Apron
Massage Bath Tub Size: L1500 x W1500 x H580mm

● 3HP Pump
● Pump Cleaning Function
● Whirlpool Massage
● Waterfall Massage (Power Adjustable)
● LCD Control Panel
● Hand Shower
● Radio
● LED Colour Light Jets
● Leakage Protection
● Water Shortcut Protection

Massage Jet List
● 5 pcs Adjustable Thin Big Jets
● 8 pcs Color Light Jets
● 6 pcs / 18 pcs 28# Small Jets (Old / New)
● 2 pcs 2 inch Return Net

Optional Functions to Add:
o Ozone
o Heater

The pump that controls the circulation activates and raises the water to the water spout from the tub, into the pool thus giving a natural waterfall effect. The pool's plumbing system recycles the water for this consistent and constant effect as long as the pump is activated. Waterfall volume keeps changing from maximum to minimum then maximum. 3HP pump is connected with the waterfall and all the jets. Press the control panel at where you want the waterfall volume stop. Have fun with different shapes of the waterfall! When the volume is at its maximum, then you have the jets in weakest power. Vice versa, when the jets are at strong power, the waterfall volume is minimum Bubble Masage Imagine that a number of airflows coming through air pump and pipe, making lots of bubbles from the bottom of the bathtub, it is a kind of gorgeous picture and enjoyment