3M Mini POE Replacement Cartridge

SKU: 3M-WF-SPP-11812

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3M revolutionizes water filtration with the "Sanitary Quick Change" (SQC) system. This innovative design makes filter changes incredibly easy, fast, and clean. With SQC, the filter is enclosed in a cartridge that fits into a special head. When it's time for a replacement, the entire filter system is removed, keeping the dirty filter and water contained within. This ensures a hygienic solution, as there's no contact with the used filter. Changing cartridges is a breeze, with a simple twist-out of the old and twist-in of the new—no tools or complex alignments required. Plus, there's no need to sanitize the filter housing since it's always fresh and clean. Enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of 3M's SQC system for hassle-free water filtration.
  • Replacement cartridge for “3M Mini POE Outdoor Water Filter“.
  • Product Origin: United States
  • Dimension: Size: 11cm (W) X 33cm (H)
  • Micron Rating: 5 micron
  • Flow Rate: 10 GPM (37.85 lpm)
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 3/4″ NPT
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