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Kuala Lumpur
Thu, Jun 30, 2022
Full time

MCO期间找不到工作?缺乏工作机会?在这特殊时期寻找就业机会的你, 我们期待你的加入.

Lack of job opportunity or being unemployed for too long during MCO? No worries! We are here to assist you. 

你是否在 Are you the one who: 

  • 寻找机会发展你的未来? Looking for an opportunity to bright your future?
  • 想要得到他人的赞赏?Eager to get appreciation from others?
  • 寻找一个可以发挥你能力的地方?Looking for a place to unleash your ability?


Don't keep on waiting for job opportunities. Let's create it! 

加入我们吧!——BIG BATH,一个为你搭建平台助你成功的企业!


  • Fair & transparent reward system ( Good apple will be rewarded , not as good apple you will have your chance later in the company) 公平及透明化的奖励制度
  • 1st personal house rent to own scheme ( We will take care of your living if you are the right person) 5年买房计划
  • Personal car installment incentive ( We will take care of your feet if you are right person) 3年买车
  • Your family overseas trip (We will take care of your family bonding if you are right person) 可以带你家人去旅游
  • Personal development and learning ( We will help you grow and skill set development if you are right person) 有机会提升自己

Not to mention those standard benefits such as company trips, salary increment, yearly bonus, laptop, mobile etc. 除此之外,我们还会有加薪,花红,手提电脑及手机津贴。

If you possess the following 只要你符合以下条件: 

  • 精通三语: 中文,英文 At least fluent (speak & write) in Mandarin or English
  • Knowledge in CRM software- HubSpot
  • Experience in Retail Environment
  • Technology Savvy people
  • Open-minded, proactive, flexible and self-motivated 能接受新事物, 主动,善于变通和能够自我激励
  • Positive energy, go challenging!! 充满正能量, 勇于挑战!!


还在等什么?只要你有才,虚以待位,只等你来!Do you think you’re the right person? Let’s check it out! 


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