How are Big Bath and IKEA different?

How are Big Bath and IKEA different?

“BigBath? Meh. You can get the same thing(s) from IKEA. More well-known, some more.” Have you ever gotten this response when you tell someone about BigBath? Do they think we are only another generic retailer that sells bathroom and kitchen things? Show this article to those fellows. We’re not just another supplier or store. We are different from the well-known IKEA. How? Here’s how:

IKEA has Inspirations. We have Catalogues.
ikea showroom catalogue
Left : IKEA Showroom (Credit to IKEA Malaysia)
Right : Big Bath Catalogue (Credit to

IKEA has inspirations that showcase their different products together in one scene or room. They are well-put together to show how you can mix and match their products and to give you ideas on home decor. BigBath on the other hand, directly showcases and lists our products for simpler searching and less “inspirational” confusion! Our catalogue has up to hundreds of products for various places and purposes. Checkout is available, too.

IKEA (and their vendors) is Swedish, BigBath (and our vendors) is Malaysian and Worldwide.
IKEA VS Big Bath
A lot of designers, brands and products sold at IKEA are Swedish, while ours are from all around the world (German brands included, and Germany is known for their efficiency!). Check out brands like hansgrohe and TORA at our online store today!

IKEA has only FOUR (4) stores nationwide; we have EIGHT (8).
ikea & bigbath
Image (LEFT) by IKEA Malaysia
Image (RIGHT) by Big Bath

IKEA has only four stores/showrooms in Malaysia (Damansara, Cheras, Tebrau, Batu Kawan). We have double that number for better outreach (KL, Kepong, Puchong, Balakong, Penang, Sabah, Johor, Ipoh)! Come visit us today!

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