Cromwell Series

We are the top and sophisticated bathroom and kitchen design in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. We do provide the world class standard products for our customers and giving them the excellent quality such as

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Cromwell Series  Wall Bib Tap WB5102 / TR-TP-WB- 08515-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Wall Bib Tap Model:WB5102 Item Code:TR-TP-WB-08515-CH Material: So..
Cromwell Series Two Way Tap TW5100 / TR-TP-TW- 08665-CH
Solid Brass ChromeTwo Way Tap  Item Code:TR-TP-TW-08665-CH Material: Solid Brass ..
Cromwell Series Basin Cold Tap  BC5100 / TR-TP-BC- 08506-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Wash Basin Cold Tap Model: BC5100  Item Code: TR-TP-BC- 08506-CH ..
Cromwell Series Bath Mixer TR-TP-CBD-08530-CH
  Brass Chrome Concealed Bath Mixer with Diverter      ..
Cromwell Series Basin Cold Tap  GBC5100 / TR-TP-GBC-08507-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Above Counter Basin Cold Tap Model: GBC5100 Item Code: TR-TP-GBC-08507..
Cromwell Series PS5100 / TR-TP-PS-08508- CH
Solid Brass Chrome Pillar Sink Cold Tap Model: PS5100 Item Code:TR-TP-PS-08508-CH Mat..
Cromwell Series  Wall Sink Cold Tap WS5100 / TR-TP-WS-08509-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Wall Sink Cold Tap Model: WS5100  Item Code:TR-TP-WS-08509-CH ..
Cromwell Series Wall Bib Tap  WB5100 / TR-TP-WB-08510-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Wall Bib Tap Model: WALL BIB TAP  Item Code:TR-TP-WB-08510-CH ..
Cromwell Series Hose Bib Tap  WB5101 / TR-TP-WB-08511-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Hose Bib Tap Model: WB5101 Item Code:TR-TP-WB-08511-CH Material: S..
Cromwell Series Angle Valve AV5100 / TR-TP-AV-08512-CH
Solid Brass Chrome Angle Valve Model: AV5100 Item Code:TR-TP-AV-08512-CH Material: So..
Cromwell Series SC5100 / TR-TP-SC-08513-CH
15mm (½”) Solid Brass Chrome Stopcock Model: SC5100 Item Code:TR-TP-SC-08513-CH Mater..
Cromwell Series SC5101 / TR-TP-SC-08514-CH
20mm (¾”) Solid Brass Chrome Stopcock Model: SC5101 Item Code:TR-TP-SC-08514-CH Mater..