TORA Benzite Series

We are the top and sophisticated bathroom and kitchen design in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. We do provide the world class standard products for our customers and giving them the excellent quality such as

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Tora Benzite Series Double Towel Bar BZ0162 / TR-BA-TLB-08497-PL
Tora Double Towel Bar Benzite Series Model: BZ0162 Item Code: TR-BA-TLB-08497-PL Material..
Tora Benzite Series Tumbler Holder TR-BA-TH-09749-CH
Brass Chrome Double Tumbler Holder Size: L220 x W90 x H110mm ..
Tora  Soap Holder TR-BA-SPH-09748-CH
Brass Chrome Soap Holder Size: L110 x W90 x H30mm ..
Tora Soap Holder TR-BA-SPH-09743-BM
Brass Black Matt Soap Holder Size: L270 x W90 x H30mm ..
Tora Double Tumbler Holder TR-BA-TH-09740-BM
Brass Black Matt Double Tumbler Holder Size: L220 x W90 x H110mm ..
Tora Double Tumbler Holder TR-BA-TH-10040-ST
SUS304 Stainless Steel  Double Tumbler Holder  ~SATIN Finishing~  Size..
Tora Benzite Series Tumbler Holder BZ0167 / TR-BA-TH-08493-PL
Tora Tumbler Holder Benzite Series Model: BZ0167 Item Code: TR-BA-TH-08493-PL Material: S..
Tora Benzite Series Soap Basket BZ0168 / TR-BA-SPH-08494-PL
Tora Soap Basket Benzite Series Model: BZ0168 Item Code: TR-BA-SPH-08494-PL Material: SUS..
Tora Benzite Series Toliet Paper Holder BZ0160 / TR-BA-PH-08495-PL
Tora Toliet Paper Holder Benzite Series Model: BZ0160 Item Code: TR-BA-PH-08495-PL Materi..
Tora Benzite Series Glass Shelf BZ0163 / TR-BA-GS-08496-PL
Tora Glass Shelf Benzite Series Model: BZ0163 Item Code: TR-BA-GS-08496-PL Material: SUS3..